Roku setup and Roku activation using Roku com link

Have you purchased a new Roku player? Are you seeking for the Roku com link assistance? That’s great, here we provide you some simple and easy tips for setting up and activating your Roku streaming device using

As you all know that Roku is an enjoyable and fabulous media streaming player via which you can easily start streaming your beloved movies and TV episodes.

Although it’s very easy to setup Roku streaming device but sometimes people finds it very hard to activate Roku using the This is commonly due to the lack of knowledge about how to setup and activate Roku devices. So, in this website, we will help you to learn it in a better way. Hence, let’s begin with the Roku setup.

How to setup Roku?

Before activating your Roku using follow the steps that are mentioned below:

  • First of all, associate your Roku device with your home TV set
  • Always make sure that Roku comes with an HDMI cable
  • So, using HDMI cable compose the connection between your TV and Roku
  • After that, inject one edge of an HDMI cable into your TV and another edge on the Roku device
  • Now, associate the power adapter of Roku into the power outlet and switch on your Roku Player
  • Once your Roku player and TV gets on, begin with Setup process
  • So, inject a pair of same AA batteries into the Roku Remote correct order (Note: press the black button under the remote cover for 3 seconds, once the green light starts flashing out, it signifies that your Remote is working)
  • After that, pair Roku remote with Roku player
  • Furthermore, you need to select a language as per your comfort level
  • The Next screen will ask you for the network connection – either use cabled network or WIFI
  • Use Ethernet cables for the cabled network and then follow the on-screen instructions
  • Also, if you use a WIFI network then enter the right password. When you see the green signal it means that your device is associated with the network connection
  • Now, your Roku device is automatically updating the Roku latest software’s. So, wait for some couple of seconds until the latest software fully updated
  • Once your Roku device updated, it will automatically reboot
  • After rebooting, the Roku displays a code on your TV screen. Usually, this code is known as a Roku activation link code.
  • Finally, after following all the above steps, you will see a message on screen that “congratulations setup process gets complete”

So, in this way, you will successfully setup your Roku device. Now, let’s us move towards the activation of Roku using

How to get Roku com link activation code?

Not able to find Roku link code? If yes, then don’t worry. In order to get the Roku com link code, you have to setup the Roku device first. Once you setup the Roku device, just look at your TV screen. So, after rebooting of your Roku device, you will see that the activation link code is displayed on your startup screen. Make sure that only using the Roku com link activation code, you will be eligible for the activation process.

How to activate Roku using Roku .com/link?

  • Firstly bring your preferable device (laptop, computer, tablet, mobile phone)
  • Open any browser from your device and type
  • Now, in the enter the Roku activation link code i.e. provided by Roku itself
  • After that hit the “submit” button
  • The submit button paddles you to the new webpage
  • In the new page, you will be asked for the Roku account
  • So, if you are new to Roku then create a new account by inserting some personal credentials like name, address, e-mail, payment method details etc.
  • And if you are already registered in Roku then there is no need for creating the new account. You just have to log in to your existing account
  • After creating or log in to your account hit the “submit” button
  • One more step, you need to perform is to generate a strong security PIN. The basic purpose of generating the PIN is to make your account secure
  • Now, you are able to access the Roku channel store
  • So, choose your beloved and cherished channels from the Roku channel store. In addition, you can access both the free as well as private channels
  • Make sure that, you don’t have to pay a single penny for the free channels
  • Moreover, Roku will charge you only according to your purchases and transactions for channels like Netflix, HULU, Amazon and more

So, that’s all about the Roku activation using the In a case of facing any technical problem, reach us at anytime from anywhere across the world.

Roku products

So, here is the list of all products that are manufactured by Roku:

  • Roku ultra streaming player
  • Roku Express streaming player
  • Express + streaming player
  • Roku Premiere streaming player
  • Roku Premiere + streaming player
  • The Roku streaming stick and Roku TV. Roku Ultra Setup, Roku Roku Ultra Activation, Roku Roku Ultra Setup, Enter Roku Code, Roku Ultra Activation code, Roku Com Link Technical Support, Roku Com Activation Link, Roku Ultra Activation Code, Roku Ultra Technical Support, Roku Com Link Roku Ultra


The Roku ultra is one of the popular streaming player designs by the Roku. Moreover, the Roku ultra brings some advanced and incredible features and due to this Roku ultra holds a great name and fame in the market. It includes the following features:

  • Dolby Audio instead of HDMI
  • Brilliant HD and 4K HD picture quality
  • Powerful quad-core processor
  • Headphones for private listening
  • Also, Optical Night listening mode
  • In addition, have lost remote finder feature


The Roku express streaming player is a little streaming device using which you can stream up to 1080p HD resolutions. Besides this, it is available at a very economical price. Moreover, it possesses the following features:

  • Economical price
  • Offers outstanding performance
  • Very much simple and easy to setup
  • Also, Removable adhesive strip
  • WEP, WPA, and WPA2 support
  • Also, excellent picture and video quality Roku Express Setup, Roku Express Activation, Roku Express Setup, Enter Roku Code, Roku Express Activation code, Roku Com Link Technical Support, Roku Com Activation Link, Roku Express Activation Code, Roku Express Technical Support Roku Express Plus Setup, Roku Express Plus Activation, Roku Express Plus Setup, Enter Roku Code, Roku Express Plus Activation code, Roku Com Link Technical Support, Roku Com Activation Link, Roku Express Plus Activation Code, Roku Express Plus Technical Support


Roku express + streaming player is an updated version of the Roku express. It is completely same as that of Roku express except that it possesses some extra features like AVR cable. Moreover, using this AVR cable, you can easily make your “Simple regular TV” the “Smart TV”. So, in order to know about its features, see the given below points:

  • Available at blockbuster price
  • Associates either with composite cable or with HDMI cable
  • 11 with WPA, WPA2, and WEP support
  • Simple to use and setup
  • Also, the video outputs are 480i, 720p, 1080p
  • Moreover, offers Removable adhesive strip


Roku Premiere is also one of the effective Roku media player models. The Roku   Premiere paddles you to get all of your most loved shows rapidly, with smooth and responsive paths. Moreover, using Roku premiere, you can easily access pictures with ultra HD quality. So, for its features see the below points:

  • Simple to setup
  • Smooth and simple navigation
  • Mind blowing performance
  • Dolby Audio by means of HDMI
  • Offers both the standard and simple IR remote controls Roku Premiere, Roku Premiere activation, Roku Premiere Setup, Enter Roku Code, Roku com link Activation code, Roku Com Link Technical Support, Roku Com Activation Link, Roku Premiere Activation Code, Roku Premiere Technical Support Roku Premiere Plus Setup, Roku Premiere Plus Activation, Roku Premiere Plus Setup, Enter Roku Code, Roku com link Roku Premiere Plus Activation code, Roku Com Link Technical Support, Roku Com Activation Link, Roku Premiere Plus Activation Code, Roku Premiere Plus Technical Support


The Roku premiere+ is also one of the updated models of the Roku premiere. In addition, Roku Premiere+ possesses some extra choices for network and additional storage. So, to experience Roku premiere + features, see the below points:

  • micro-SD card slot for storage
  • Base-T Ethernet choice
  • Comes with upgraded remote control
  • Have HDR color quality
  • Night listening mode
  • Enjoy streaming in splendid picture quality


The Roku streaming stick is the new creation of Roku, so it is intense and versatile. You can use it anywhere at any time. It is much the same as that of pen drive. Using Roku streaming stick, you can smoothly stream content from the Netflix and YouTube to your smart mobile phones. Its sound feature includes DTS Digital Surround via HDMI port, Digital stereo. Moreover, it contains all features of Roku streaming player. It includes the following features:

  • Versatile
  • Best for wall-mounted TVs
  • Dual band wireless networking
  • Also, Easy to setup
  • Accompanies with intense quad-core processor Roku Streaming Stick Setup, Roku Streaming Stick Activation, Roku Streaming Stick Setup, Enter Roku Code, Roku Streaming Stick Activation code, Roku Com Link Technical Support, Roku Com Activation Link, Roku Streaming Stick Activation Code, Roku Streaming Stick Technical Support, Roku Com Link Streaming Stick And Remote


Roku TV comes with splendid HD and 4K ultra HD picture quality. Furthermore, this offers you the stunning resolution picture quality at the blockbuster price. As this TV has the inbuilt Roku streaming device, you can put it anywhere without any tension of wires and associations. Some exciting benefits of Roku TV are as shown below:

  • Enjoy everything on extra large screen
  • Splendid picture quality (4K HD and HD)
  • So also, simple to get to streaming channels with a single click
  • Simple to setup and simple to use
  • In addition, no compelling reason to put additional endeavors on setup Roku Tv Setup, Roku Tv activation, Enter Roku Code, Roku com link Activation code, Roku Com Link Technical Support, Roku Com Activation Link

We at Roku com link support provide support for following interrupts

  • Unable to associate to the internet
  • Roku setup
  • Error code 011,001,013,014
  • How to get a new Roku link code
  • Roku activation
  • Blink your login id and password
  • Roku activation code
  • Registration problems
  • Unable to update Roku device
  • Impotent to enlist your Roku account
  • Connectivity issues
  • Inadequate to reach
  • Not able to reset the Roku device
  • Roku will show a blue dull screen
  • Not able to play games on Roku
  • Roku activation link code
  • Some channels are missing
  • Impotent to add beloved channels
  • Roku name and logo is moving on your TV screen
  • Searching problems
  • Unable to play videos from a particular channel
  • Inadequate to log in to your account
  • Link code is not displaying on the screen
  • Playback issues
  • Power light is not flashing on Roku player
  • Problems during channel switching
  • Fails to connect Roku to WIFI
  • Problems with channel customization
  • Problems with channel names
  • Roku is not responding properly

Roku provides the following aspects

  • Smart remote with embedded features
  • User-friendly mobile app
  • Night listening mode
  • A huge range of channels and TV shows
  • Full support for 1080p HD movies and videos
  • Live streaming up to large extent
  • Headphones for the private listening
  • Several models like Roku 1, Roku 2, Roku 3, Roku 4, ultra, express, premiere and the streaming stick

Why use Roku devices?

You can use Roku   devices because of the following facts:

  • Always provides you with updated knowledge
  • Most important, increases the customer satisfaction
  • Boost up your regular TV box
  • Moreover, Roku increase the transactional sales
  • Also, Provides the fast and quick services
  • Roku will enhance the value of your TV
  • Always put new and upcoming features in the devices
  • Most important, reduce the phone calls related to the services of set-top boxes
  • Roku diminish the customer’s problems concerning with device

What makes our Roku com link support different?

If you are unable to deal with above issues or obstacles then you are at actual place. We at Roku com link support first determine your problem from the root and then solve accordingly. In order to examine this, just visit our Roku com link support once. To see the difference, see the points that are mentioned below:

  • Provide best and durable support for all Roku glitches
  • Provides extensive online assistance at a very cheap rate
  • In addition to this, always give support by Certified Experts
  • Roku technicians team will help in configuring the Roku devices
  • 100% assurance for resolving problems
  • Always open, moreover contact at anytime from anywhere

How to reach us?

With our marvelous and impressive Roku support services, the www.Roku technicians can detect and fix all of your barriers and obstacles in Roku.

In addition to this, your one click on or just one call on our toll-free number is suitable to make all your conflicts go away. Moreover, we at Roku also provides complete assistance for

  • Roku onsite support
  • The outsourcing Roku support phone number and
  • Roku live chat.